Weight Loss

This private individual session designed to restructure the eating habit so you will become more selective in the quality of food. Many times people reach for food for reasons other than hunger. One can eat out of boredom, depression, anxiety, stress, reward, companionship, time of the day or other people. Sometimes we even eat when we’re hungry. By removing the stimulants that cause you to think of food, you will not only be able to lose weight, but you will be able to keep the weight off after you have reached your goal. Contact Us

PLEASE Note: Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery and Self-Hypnotic Techniques are not in any way meant as a substitute for standard medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment for serious or life-threatening conditions, such as medical trauma, surgical emergencies, bacterial infections, certain bodily “mechanical” difficulties, and thought disorders such as psychosis or schizophrenia. These techniques are an adjunctive or complementary alternative for self-healing, self-help, and/or behavioral modification. If you are currently experiencing severe symptoms, first seek the advice of a licensed physician before using any self-healing technique. In ordering this program, you agree to also be under the care of a physician if you have a serious health problem.