Misconceptions About Hypnosis:

Loss of consciousness:

In this altered state called hypnosis the subject does not lose awareness or fall asleep. The subject is alert and aware of everything at all times and hears everything the hypnotist says. Hypnotized person is relaxed, alert with eyes closed. Moreover, a deeply sleeping individual will not hear if spoken to, yet a person in deep hypnosis will hear and respond to the hypnotist suggestion.

Hypnotized people do odd and crazy things or lose control

You will fully behave and act to your usual moral standards. You’re in control. A hypnotist only serves as a knowledgeable guide or facilitator. You can reject suggestion at any time and end the session.

Weak mindedness

Because hypnosis requires concentration, the best clients are actually the more intelligent of the population.

Revealing your secrets

Clients don’t say anything they don’t want to say and don’t do anything they don’t want to do.

Not waking up

Under hypnosis you are really not sleeping and fully in control, You can end session at anytime if you like.

Hypnotized against your will

A person can not be hypnotized against will. Hypnosis is not clash of wills. It is a condition of trust and cooperation between the client and the hypnotist.

Can I be hypnotized?

There are two types of people who can’t be hypnotized:

  • those who are scared
  • those who don’t want to be hypnotized

Anyone else can easily enter into a state of deep hypnosis with a skilled hypnotist.

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