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Introduction to Alchemical process of Intention Setting Workshop

January 20, 2018, 10:00am - January 20, 2018, 7:00pm

During this workshop, we will be leading participants through 8 Guided Meditations connecting them with the Realm of each one of 7 Major Chakras, helping them identify what is “forthcoming” from the Domain of each Chakra and how this is affecting their present “State of the State” so all the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of their lives are explored and addressed. Participants will gain a better understanding of themselves and we will guide them through the Jungle of their inner world to formulate a set of 7 Intentions / Goals / Objectives / Desires, each one related only to the Domain of respective Chakra. Each participant is encouraged to keep his/her discoveries private. Keeping the focus on the entire list of chosen Desires, it is prioritized and transformed into the set of tangible Goals, identifying the most relevant, meaningful and urgent changes required in the Participant’s individual, current Life Realm. Each participant will then perform a hands-on meditation at the specially designed distillation apparatus where a crafted blend of Herbal extracts will be distilling. During the distillation, the Etheric part of the plants, their Botanical Intent is liberated from the Earthy body / Physicality of the Plants. While in Etheric / Vaporous state inside the glass distillation apparatus, the very essence of Botanicals is infused with the Energy of each participant’s Desires, creating the Elixir. The “Vapors” are "Reborn" into the physical form of the Spirit (called Elixir) inside the condenser part of the distillation apparatus and available to be consumed and absorbed into the Physicality and Energetics of the recipient. This process is performed by bringing the hands to the distillation apparatus during the Meditation. This guided Meditation is awakening the excitement and the Bliss of the future celebration of LIFE where the Wishes are fulfilled and the Energy of the Celebration is captured and imprinted on the Elixir created in the distillation. These Alchemically prepared Elixirs are designed to be taken in drops twice a day, upon awakening and before bedtime, in order to further connect, focus and "anchor" the recipient "on The Path" of his/her Intent. In addition to the process of Intention setting for the New Annual Cycle it’s an excellent time for assessment and reconciliation with the events of the past Years, the time to reconnect with what we want to accomplish, understand what’s holding us back, and most importantly, understand what is REALLY “Driving” our Desires? What type of "Need" will be satisfied by our Intentions / Wishes / Desires and why do we have these “Needs”? The wiser way to set realistic expectations for one’s Journey into the Future is to first understand and then to "make Peace" with the “Demons in our Baggage” that are still holding us back and are responsible for the “Detours” we are forced to take on our Life Paths. The cost of the workshop is $185. Deposit of $100 is required in order to reserve a place in the workshop. Leon & Olga Strength & Wisdom Peace & Light

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